To be Regenerative

To Be Regenerative We Must Consider “The Four Laws of Ecology”  first proposed by Barry Commoner,  from “The Closing Circle”, 1971.

One: Everything is connected to Everything Else. There is one ecosphere for all living organisms and what affects one, affects all.
Two: Everything Must Go Somewhere. There is no “waste” in nature and there is no “away” to which things can be thrown.
Three:  Nature Knows Best.  Humankind has fashioned technology to improve upon nature, but such change in a natural system is likely to be detrimental to that system.
Four: There Is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch.  Everything comes from something.

To Be Regenerative Requires An Entirely New Approach and Mindset:

“Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.  Despite nearly a century of propaganda, conservation still proceeds at a snail’s pace; progress still consists largely of letterhead pieties and convention oratory.  On the back forty we still slip two steps backward for each step forward….. In our attempt to make conservation easy we have made it trivial. The answer, if there is any, seems to be in a land ethic, or some other force which assigns more obligation to the land owner.”
Aldo Leopold, from “The Land Ethic,” from “A Sand County Almanac”, 1948.

To Be Regenerative We Must Take Action NOW – There is No Other Place To Go

“We no longer face a physical frontier, but a change in philosophy, a complete reversal of our attitude towards the earth that might open a door to a golden era far more resplendent than the old. Never in man’s long evolution have such ideas arisen, never has he had a more dramatic choice or one that could change his life more drastically…….We are finally beginning to realize what is at stake. It is more than wilderness, beauty, or peace of mind; it is the survival of man and his culture.”
Sigurd F. Olson, 1976, “Reflections From The North Country”

Whole Farm & Ranch Land and Grazing Management Course Offered September & October 2018

Learn how to implement holistic management to create vibrant working lands that generate real wealth for families and communities.   Topics will include decision-making strategies, biological monitoring, holistic grazing planning, land planning and adaptive management.  This course will be held at Sunfire Ranch near Carbondale Colorado. Session One is two days – September 7 & 8th; Session Two is three days – October 6-8th. Contact us for details on how to register. 

Business Support for Agriculture and Related in SW Colorado

The SW Colorado Small Business Development Center is focusing on providing one on one business consultations and also specific training session for agricultural producers, timber harvesters, food and wood products businesses, ag tourism, and related agri-businesses.

Request a no-cost business confidential consultation with one of our advisors by visiting our website at:



Whole Farm and Ranch Business Planning and Marketing Course, Mancos CO

Let’s get down to business!
This in-depth course will be
offered in Mancos Colorado this fall. This course is designed to help both new and  experienced farmers and ranchers learn key business,
marketing and holistic financial planning skills including:

  • Creating a business that WORKS for YOU
  • Testing your ideas, exploring possibilities and examining feasibility
  • Learning to plan a profit, not just hope for one
  • Becoming a master of money management, budgeting and planning
  • Understanding what your value is to customers
  • How to market your products and services
  • Establishing your best pricing, positioning & promotion strategies
  • Generating a triple bottom line – human, financial, environmental
  • Addressing organizational, legal & risk management needs
  • Networking and learning from others like yourself
  • Gaining access to valuable resources & people
  • Developing a plan to for starting, marketing, growing or exiting your business that incorporates Holistic Management.

Our six-day course is taught in 2-day increments, allowing plenty of time to start applying what you have learned while you’re still enrolled in the course. There will also be time to network with other farmers and ranchers and get feedback on your coursework. Modules include introduction to Holistic Management, Holistic Management Financial Planning and Holistic Business Planning and Marketing.

This course qualifies for FSA Borrower training credit. Find more details here.

Instructor: Cindy Dvergsten, Holistic Management Certified Educator

Location: The class meets at the Mount Lookout Grange Hall in Mancos CO., 680 Grand Ave, Mancos, CO 81328

Class meets 9:00 – 4:30 each day on:

October 27-28, 2017 – Introduction to Holistic Management Whole/Farm Ranch Business Development

November 3-4, 2017 – Holistic Financial Planning

November 10-11, 2017 – Holistic Marketing and Business Planning

Fee:  $300 per person for 6 full days of training and materials.  Contact us about registration and applying for a scholarship. Deadline for scholarship applications:  October 17, 2017

Meals & Lodging

You are requested to bring your lunch for all class days. The meeting room has a kitchenette (fridge and microwave).   Lodging is not included. There are several motels in Mancos and many more in Cortez.

Sponsors include Holistic Management International, SW Colorado Small Business Development Center, and RMFU Four Corners Farmer & Rancher Coalition.

 Contact us for details