About Whole New Concepts


Whole New Concepts LLC delivers exceptional training, facilitation, consultation and development services to clients who desire to implement a holistic approach to the management of human, natural and economic resources. We provide training, mentoring and consultation in sustainable agriculture, the practice of Holistic Management, whole-farm planning, and sustainable business development via distance learning, in-person training and consultancies.  Our clients benefit from our broad understanding of agriculture, rural communities, natural resources, land use planning as well as our personal experience as farmers and business owners.

Clients have included the SW Colorado Small Business Development Center, Holistic Management International, Utah State University, Heifer International, Navajo Nation Department of Agriculture, Michigan State University, Practical Farmers of Iowa, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, Dine Be Iina, La Plata County Planning Department and many individual farms and ranches.

Cindy Dvergsten holds a degree in Natural Resource Management and Soil Science from the College of Natural Resources at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. She has worked for the US Department of Interior and US Department of Agriculture including seven years as a conservationist with the NRCS in La Plata County.  She became a Holistic Management Certified Educator in 1995 and has completed training in the Chadwick Consensus Process and Business Coaching.  Cindy served on the Montezuma Planning Commission from 1993-2007, was president of the Colorado Branch for Holistic Management and president of Four Corners Rocky Mountain Farmer Union, and also served on the Board of Directors member for Dine Be Iina (Navajo Lifeways). Cindy is member of the Southwest Colorado Small Business Development Center business advisory network and was awarded as Business Advisor of the Year for State of Colorado in 2014.

Cindy is a Holistic Management ® Certified Educator profession with Holistic Management International.  Trained by Allan Savory, she has twenty years of experience teaching and mentoring holistic managers.  Cindy is also a Field Professional with the Savory Institute. 

Mike Rich holds a degree in Soil and Water Science from the College of Natural Resources at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. He is retired from the UDSA- Natural Resources Conservation Service after 35 years of service.  His experience includes mapping soils, designing irrigation systems, conservation farm planning, irrigation water management, implementation of the Colorado Salinity Project, soil quality management and watershed planning. As District Conservationist he supervised over 15 NRCS staff, administered all USDA-NRCS programs and provided technical services to the High Desert and Mancos Conservation Districts. Mike is also a member of the Southwest Colorado Small Business Development Center business advisory network.

Cindy and Mike operate Arriola Sunshine Farm near Cortez. In the past raised leaf lettuce and other products from a market garden for 25 years, have raised heritage turkeys and have had 200 laying hens. Today, they currently raise a registered flock of Navajo-Churro Sheep. 

Mike and Cindy have practiced Holistic Management since the early 1090’s.  Through holistic management and grazing planning they have witnessed a doubling in the productivity of their pastures. They believe that managing with a whole-farm approach is essential to the success in today’s changing world.

We are committed to helping people make a difference by putting our combined years of experience in natural resource management, business and agriculture to work for our clients.   We see you as an expert in your situation and develop a common sense approach that works for you. If quality of life, a strong community, financial prosperity, productive land and sustainability are important to you, then you may benefit from our services.

Feedback from Clients

“All aspects of the farm continued to improve.  We were able let go of some of our rented hay land. Our neighbors are jealous because we are doing pretty good in a tough year. Even though prices were down and our milk production was the same, our profit increased!”   Jon k., Organic Dairyman, NY

“Cindy you are a gifted facilitator. Thank you for all you do.”  Rigoberto Delgado, Director SW Projects,  Heifer International, El Paso TX

“We are seeing all these possibilities for our ranch for the first time with Holistic Financial Planning.  Wow, I am excited now where as before it was looking pretty bleak.”   Roger D, Cattleman, NM.

“I like using the Holistic Management Testing Guidelines. They get me thinking about so many possibilities. Everything is coming together for me.”
Todd P., Grass Based  Farmer, Nebraska

“This (Holistic Management) is so complete and well rounded. I do not have to guess anymore.”  Pam S.,  Landowner, CO